2 Reasons Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work

Are you going to start a low calorie diet to help you lose weight? Before you do, please read this article, it will show you why low calorie diet plans don’t work.

I receive emails daily on a regular basis from my people saying that they tried a very popular low calorie diet plan, only to be disappointed after a couple of weeks, and to see that they didn’t lose any weight at all. It is a sad fact, that no one talks about this publicly, because they feel ashamed and embarrassed. After being conned by so many, trying so many weight loss programs, who can you really trust.

Don’t give up all hopes just yet, I am merely trying to show you why those low calorie diet plans didn’t work, and why you should not blame yourself. these are just facts that you don’t know. When using a low calorie diet, your body is put in starvation mode, your sick most of the time because of malnutrition, you have no energy, much less to complete any type of activities, which leads to a low metabolic rate.

To lose weight successfully, and to keep it off, your mindset should be on these two things:

1. Calories are your best friends, not your enemy: Don’t avoid Buy Best Keto Gummies Online In Stores Near Me calories, your body needs the necessary nutrition and energy, and the get that from the calories. Food intake increases your metabolic rate, the right food and quantity of food means more calories for your body, more energy. Just eating right will help you lose weight.

However, there are bad calories, the kind we find in junk foods. You can eat as much nutritional food as you wish, and you won’t gain weight, but fatty foods, like eating burgers fried in fat or oil will accumulate fat.

So it all boils down to what you eat, avoiding junk food (empty calories food) and eat more of the negative calorie foods, like fruits and vegetables. Negative calorie foods, do contain calories, but to digest these foods, your body is forced to burn more calories than what they provide, which in turn will help you lose even more weight. Based on the lack of calories, your body is forced to increase your metabolism.

2. Don’t confuse muscle building with bodybuilding: You must do some type of muscle building exercise. To maintain your muscles, and to burn fat, your body needs to be stimulated, either by walking, jogging, yoga or any other type of physical exercises. On the other hand, by

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