Bodybuilding Vs Muscle Building Programs

While there definitely are a significant number of men – and a growing number of women, who covet the bodies that you see in the bodybuilding world, more often than not, most individuals tend to lean towards a more moderate look for what they’re trying to obtain, say something more like Matthew McConaughey or Jessica Alba.

They are toned, defined, and look like they’re in great shape. They don’t, however, have muscles rippling out left, right, and center. For many people, that’s simply not something they desire.

As such, it leads them to wonder what the best workout approach is for them.

Many of these individuals are under the impression that they should never follow a bodybuilding type of program because they’re gonna get huge – FAST.

Recently I had a reader send a question real sarms before and after results on this exact issue. He wasn’t overly muscular and wanted to add more mass to his frame, but was confused on which program would offer the best result for his goal.

Bodybuilding Versus Muscle Gaining Programs

The first thing you must realize is that bodybuilder’s – most of them anyway, were once normal looking guys. They didn’t have this volume of muscle mass; it’s something they had to work hard for over time.

Chances are good that they started working out, started gaining a decent amount of muscle, got to the stage of looking muscular, yet still streamlined (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club), but then decided they wanted to surpass this look and just kept on building muscle.

In order to surpass this stage, chances are they had to eat, and eat, and eat – and then eat some more.

The fact of the matter is that building that amount of muscle means massive eating. And once it is built, to maintain it requires, you guessed it, massive eating.

Most people are not eating nearly enough in their everyday diet to build or maintain this amount of muscle mass, so to get worried that lifting heavy like a bodybuilder is going to magically transform your body is really not practical.