Build Muscle Mass – 6 Keys to Muscle Building Success

Almost everyone who’s ever picked up a weight is looking for that one perfect muscle building routine that is going to instantly transform them from the 98 pound weakling to a walking freak of nature. Well, I’m here to tell you that the magic muscle building routine doesn’t exist. Not as a specific set in stone weight training routine, anyway. So how can you build muscle mass as quickly as you’d like?

While I believe there are a set of principles that you need to follow, because bodybuilding is a science, it’s also those principles that make it impossible to have a perfect muscle building routine. Not because it can’t exist but because it’s always training. Some of the factors involved in creating a productive weight training routine include:

Your muscle fiber type

Your bone structure

Your ability to recover from weight training workouts

How strong you are

How much sleep you get

Your nutrition program

And more

A number of these things are always changing, a big Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer being your recovery ability. See, the stronger you get, the more stress your body endures, and the move time you need to recover and grow from your previous workout.

Let’s say you’ve been performing a full body weight lifting workout three days per week, 12 exercises per workout, 2 working sets per exercise. So you’ve been blasting your muscles on this routine for about 12 weeks. You’ve managed to double your strength and put on an amazing 30 pounds of muscle! Guess what? This weight lifting routine is no longer the ideal routine for you because you’ve gotten so strong.

While the typical person has the ability to increase their strength by about 300%, the body has the ability to increase its ability to recover from those workouts by about 50%. So, the stronger you get, the more rest your body needs to recover and grow. This mean, over time, even the most effective muscle building weight training program will need to be changed.

In the upcoming part II, we’ll go through each of the 6 Keys to Muscle Building Success so you can keep growing.