Why Those Expensive Spa Massages Are Worth Every Penny!

Because I am a licensed massage therapist, people are often eager to share with me about their massage experiences with other therapists or in other places. When they mention getting a treatment at a hotel spa, they often wince at the prices…they can’t believe those therapists are getting so much money…I explain that generally spa therapists are only getting a pretty small percentage of the total service price (usually around $20-$25 an hour, plus tip), and that “you’re paying for the amenities.”

And it’s true. All those clean towels, the endless supply of hot water, the beautiful furniture and facilities, and the staff it takes to maintain and support your luxuriating experience doesn’t come cheap. Many of us figure we can get three “regular” massages in a clinic for the price of one spa experience. So we opt for those instead. And that’s probably why I haven’t had a “luxuriating experience” in a hotel spa since seven or eight years ago when my sister and I had a spa day at the MGM spa on a trip to Vegas.

Until today…

I just got a hot stone massage at the Halale’a Spa at the St. Regis in Princeville, Kauai. Halale’a is–fittingly–Hawaiian for “House of Joy.” The spa is so named because the land on which the St. Regis is built was known as Halale’a in ancient times. From the moment I walked in, the entire spa experience was exquisite, and yes…deliriously joyful! Walk through it with me:

  • Arrive an hour early–there are “amenities” to experience. Walk in hotel spa alsace and be greeted by the kind receptionist.
  • Get led back to the women’s lounge to get your locker, already stocked with a robe, towel, hangers and a secure space for your personal belongings. What’s your size…you’ll need your spa slippers!
  • Head to the sauna and take that awesome book called Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends that you’ve been wanting to read for about a year. It can’t be a coincidence that you’re reading a book about taking care of people and “giving them the love” in business when you are in a space where you are feeling totally taken care of and are totally “feeling the love.”
  • Go from sauna to steam room. Steam it up. Aaaaaahhhhhh! Call yourself crazy but it seems like you can actually feel your toxins pouring out of you.
  • Drink a bottle of Hawaiian Springs water…come on, it’s right there waiting for you and you’ve just lost a lot of water in your sauna and steam extravaganza.